The Crusades

Map of the crusades in the Middle Ages

Watch the following videos and collect information

Read these webpages and collect information

The Crusades

The Crusades (more info)

Play some games

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

After collecting information, in groups, prepare a mind map which includes:

-causes of the Crusades

-How many? who participated? What happened?

-How did The Crusades affect countries and people? (Think!!!)


-Sources (maps, testimonies, paintings, etc)

-Any connection to the world today?

-Any connection with the book we are reading: Kites are Flying?

Tools for mind-maps

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King vs Church

Let’s work on this problem and discuss what we believe it happened.


Write your answers in a sheet of paper

 1: Give reasons  why Henry II appointed Thomas Becket as (a) chancellor; (b) archbishop of Canterbury.

2: How did Becket’s behaviour change after he was appointed archbishop of Canterbury? Give some possible reasons for these changes.

3: Look at the sources. What is happening?

4: Why did Becket run away from England?

5: WHo killed Becket? Do you think Henry II regretted the death of Thomas Becket?

6: In your opinión, who was more powerful: The King or the Church? Give reasons.

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The Kites are Flying: Background information

In 2002, Israel decided to build a “security fence” in the West Bank.

What is the fence?

In fact, it’s part-wall, part-fence. Most of its 440-mile length is made up of a concrete base, topped by five metres of wire. Ditches and rolls of barbed wire are on either side of the fence.

A giant fence has been built between Israel and Palestinian territories

Why is Israel building it?
It says the fence will stop Palestinian would-be suicide bombers from entering Israel and attacking Israeli people.

What are the main objections to the fence?
Palestinian land has been taken away to build the fence and hundreds of Palestinians have been cut off from their land, schools or places of work.

What does Israel say about the fence?
It says the fence is purely for security and that it is temporary. It says it has nothing to do with a future border and there’s nothing to stop the fence being removed once the two sides agree who’s having what land. 

What does the United Nations think about the fence? 
It’s not happy. It’s issued a report saying the fence is not a good idea and that it is illegal.

Check out this webpages: Israel & Palestine  There is a guide to understand this conflict. Take a close look at it and take notes of anything that you believe important in your folder. (we’ll discuss this later next class)

Let´s watch a video to understand a little bit more about the CONFLICT ZONE

You can also ask your parents for help. They can probably explain the conflict to you. Anyway, we’ll talk about this on Wednesday!!

Now….we are ready to start reading the book!!

Resultado de imagen para kites are flying
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How did William Keep control of England?

Definitely, one of the most important things was the building of castles.

Read about Norman castles:

Watch the following video

What are the characteristics of a Norman castle? Make a list.

Find a picture of a Norman Castle in Britain (or draw one if you like drawing) and describe it.

Why were castles important?

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William Duke of Normandy

William encountered many problems as soon as he crowned himself King of England.

Look at the following pictures and imagine how they are connected to William.

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Battles for the throne of England

Bayeux Tapestry scene51 Battle of Hastings Norman knights and archers

Read the following webpages and take notes of:

-The battle of Stamford

-The Battle of Hastings

-Who participated in each of them?

-Who won? Why?

Link 1

Link 2

Watch the following videos

(prepare your notes to discuss them via MEET with classmates)

Apart from the information I asked you, take notes of 3 things that called your attention.

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Who should be King?

King Edward lll of England (called “The Confessor”  because he built Westminster Abbey) died on  January 5, 1066, after a reign of 23 years. Leaving no  heirs, Edward’s passing ignited a three-way rivalry  for the crown that culminated in the Battle of Hastings and the destruction of the Anglo-Saxon rule of England.

Who should be the next King?

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Literary Figures

We have already worked on: similes, metaphors, and personifications.

Today, we’ll work on 2 new terms

Watch the video : Allusion

Watch the video: Hyperbole

Now that you understand what ALLUSION and HYPERBOLE mean, can you find examples in “Romeo and Juliet”?

Can you find examples in songs that you like?

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The Vikings

Text 1

Vikings are often portrayed as bloodthirsty raiders, but they were more than that: they were also seafaring explorers and traders with their own cultural traditions.

Viking trade routes extended from Northern Europe all the way down to the city of Constantinople, where they traded slaves and amber for silk and spices. They also brought furs and walrus tusks (ivory) from Greenland to the towns of Europe.

In fact, archeologists have found numerous Arab coins in Viking graves scattered around Europe, which shows the extent of the Vikings’ trade network.

When Vikings weren’t trading, they were telling stories called sagas around the fire. A saga is a long story about the life of a great hero.

Along with their sagas, the Vikings also had their own mythology. The English words for the days Tuesday to Friday come from Norse* mythology. Thursday for example means Thor’s Day. Thor was the Norse god of thunder.

Text 2

500 years before Christopher Columbus crossed the Atlantic Ocean, Viking explorers had already reached the eastern coast of North America. The most famous of these Viking explorers are Erik the Red and his son Leif Erikson*.

Erik the Red’s story began when he was banished from Iceland for killing his neighbor. He was told to leave Iceland for 3 years. Erik had heard of a mysterious land discovered by another Viking named Gunnbjorn when his ship was blown off course in a storm.

In 982, Erik found the mysterious island and called it Greenland. After three years, he went back to Iceland and convinced other people to follow him to Greenland where they started two colonies. In these colonies, the Vikings built farms and even hunted up around the Arctic Circle. These colonies lasted for around 500 years.

Using Greenland as a base, Erik the Red’s son, Leif Erikson explored even farther to a land he called Vinland, which was on the coast of Canada.

Look at the picture

Free Vikings Word Mat! (Just scroll down the page a bit)

You’ll need all this information to work on the jamboard.

Here a page full of sources. Pay close attention to them.

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Personifications and other figures of speech

Personification is a form of figurative language in which something that is not human is given human characteristics. This device is often used in poetry to enhance the meaning and beauty of poems and in stories and novels, too.

Watch the following videos!

Watch the following video which contains a poem by Emily Dickinson

What is being personified?

Go to classroom to work on an activity

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